Founded in 2007 by a group of Architects and Engineers, we have been dedicated to constant innovation and to providing sustainable solutions that are becoming accessible and affordable to more and more people every day.


We engineered a reliable garage door, indistinguishable from real wood, that will give your residence an elegant curb appeal. Our doors capture the finest textures and beauty from natural wood and can withstand severe weather conditions.


A wood grain fiberglass door starts with a real wood door, every section is cut with a computer-assisted router to obtain a dimensional accuracy, all the details are hand carved, and painted in order to obtain the natural feel and look.

  1. Design and Concept

    A garage door is sketched and designed specifically to suite the architectural plan.

  2. Grain Selection.

    The finest wood grains are selected to achieve the natural beauty of wood.

  3. Model & Master

    A full size and custom designed model of a garage door is created. This can be handcrafted or utilizing computer assisted routers.

  4. The final Product

    Virtually indistinguishable replicas of the original model are made utilizing the most advanced composite materials

  5. Detail & High Quality

    We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving. We are committed to building a great product.

  6. Not just Delivery.

    Our products are always delivered on time — but we don’t just deliver a product, we do our best to deliver a life experience!

  7. Our Customers.

    We offer creative products that not only meet but exceed our clients expectations. Our customers deserve nothing less.


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